“I was in a very stressful and difficult situation with my job as an App Developer which also affected my personal life. Bruce kindly talked to me about PSYCH-K® and how this process might help me to find the peace I needed it. So I decided to try a single PSYCH-K® session and the experience was mind-blowing, I don’t exactly what happened but something shifted after that session. I then decided to go  for four  more sessions, and for me that was exactly what I needed.  I haven’t just found my peace with myself and my job, my personal life is also to the NEXT level. I firmly recommend PSYCH-K® if you are serious in wanting to change your life.  Bruce will facilitate an amazing process with you that will probably change your life”
Jose Reva
App Developer
"Esta fue mi primera experiencia de sanidad experimentada con éste método y fue impresionante todo lo vivido en la sesión al igual que todas las cogniciones y revelaciones que fui recibiendo guiada por la excelente intervención del coach Bruce, es extraordinario, y lo vivido a nivel corporal y energético es impecable. Lo recomiendo ampliamente y por supuesto que tomaría otra maravillosa sesión con él, los resultados son impresionantes
Solange Mayr
Psiquis Founder, Marker Researcher, Coach
Couriously I booked a session with Bruce.  Since I am familiar with kinesiology muscle test, I understood well how Bruce tested if he’s allowed to work remotely on my behalf, tested “the truth”, and if my subconscious believed the statements that we composed and imported. A serial of tests followed, like which side of the brain takes the influence or is the one to be worked on. I had to do rituals in order to manifest the new belief.  Was it successful? We had 3 sessions so far which I can highly recommend. After each one I felt different. After the second one I had by far more strength and energy. That meant a lot to me since I went through months of depression. Oh and... the Psyche-K sessions are not dangerous at all should you suffer from mental illnesses too.  I strongly believe that it takes some time to manifest and transform. But I’m looking forward for the outcome.  I’m very open to continue working with Bruce. He is a fun and generous person, with a dedicated mindset to his work. He invested a lot to learn all this and is eager to work online with people from all over the world. I am based in Germany and 6 hours time difference were not a problem at all for him.  I wish Bruce all the best for his Psyche-K practice. 
Carmen B.
Former German TV Producer
Wow, I didn't know what I had a problem with before I talk to Bruce. But I felt like there was some misalignment and I didn't feel 100%. After a quick chat with Bruce, he identify 2 things, 1) I didn't believe myself even I thought I did. 2) I didn't treat myself as my own best friend. After doing the process with Bruce, I can feel a LIFT in my body. I feel that clarity of what I need to do. I feel aligned. Thank you so much Bruce for helping me to clear out my blocks and giving me the confidence to do more. Really appreciate you.
Joy M.
Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs
‘’We all have a story and we all want to become better version of ourselves by understanding and working on the specifics of our own story. I have been searching, reading, thinking and talking to people around me and I had actually made a good progress in the intellectual part of my awareness but still something was missing for making stable improvements in my life. I was not sure what it was! Then I attended a session delivered by Bruce on Internations and it clicked! I had not yet fully understood the importance of my sub-conscious in our lives so well and I had not yet worked on it to get on board my sub-conscious in my efforts to become a better person for myself and for others I care. Bruce has shared with us a very professional and useful session and we also had a one to one afterwards with him going over my story and how he could help me to convince my sub-conscious that I really trust myself and have the confidence to accomplish my goals and he did that in an incredible way using his PSYCK-K model. I initially was skeptical about the concept but Bruce is obviously an expert in his area and does his job very effectively and professionally. On top of these what struck me most was his genuine and caring approach. He listened to me very carefully and he really cared my concerns and well-being. Having met and worked with him, I already feel better and more confident about my potential and what I can do. He helped my to identify and close a crucial weakness in my efforts by grasping and working on my subconscious and it is working for me. Bruce is genuine, professional and effective. His pragmatic and caring approach helped me so far and I am sure he can help you as well.’’ Vedat
Vedat S.
Business Owner from Germany
Bruce, good morning. I am feeling so much better. thanks millions. ...... Life got me in a bad place because I wasn't a good decision maker. That had to change. Bruce led me with professionalism and compassion trough the process of changing beliefs. The switch in my mind flipped. I felt light and balanced. The following days I met in myself a woman that makes desicions with ease and confidence. That's just the beginning. I am continuing to work with Bruce. The shift he helped me make is profound. I am thankful for life Bruce
Desi K.
High Performance Coach (U.K.)
"Prior to my first session with Bruce, I was emotionally very closed off living love and feeling for old hurts and traumas from the past.It was very difficult for me to establish a real and positive relationship with men who attracted me, they were always idealized, or in fantasy and never came true. Tired of this situation, Bruce helped me establish a new pattern of positive belief in my subconscious and I have seen extraordinary results and a new willingness in me to open myself to love and meet people to establish healthy relationships" Thanks Bruce for be an angel in my life".
Solange Mayo
Psiquis Method Founder