Who do I work with?

I work with  EXHAUSTED men and women, over 30 to OBLITERATE scarcity mindset once  and for ALL, in just  90 MINUTES.

I have been working, mainly, with Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Musicians, Actors, Actresses, Artists, ect.

This 90 minute “STRESS FREE MONEY” session  is normally run online  by Zoom, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp.

Session & Pricing

$100 USD (for limited time only)

A very special “STRESS FREE MONEY” session, 90 minutes, where we’ll identify a repetitive MONEY & Business pattern or habit that’ve been around for long time.


“Not being able to save money, to book clients, constant procrastination, money worries and money stress, etc… “


We’ll identify those mental obstacles, Transform them, and start creating a new future from a place of freedom, trust, and peace.


You can book your 30 minute “Discovery call” (this one is on me) where I’ll tell you exactly  how this 90 minutes Money process works and what to expect from the session.

Discovery Call

Up to 30 minute
  • I will share valuable information
  • We will discuss what to expect from the sessions
  • I will explain you how this Turning Point Process works

Stress Free Session

Up to 90 minute
$ 100
  • Limited time only
  • We will identify your limiting thoughts and change them
  • Let go of your problems and attract abundance into your life

Personalized Sessions

You choose your moment
  • Payment is adjustable
  • We will go into more detail about your mental overload
  • You choose how many sessions you require depending on your process


The “STRESS FREE MONEY” session needs to be paid upfront, either from this website (when available) or after your  call if you are interested in wanting to work with Bruce. 

We are using Stripe as an online payment software and Calendly as an online  scheduling software.  

What Other Frequently Ask About My Work

How PSYCH-K works?

By using simple, painless, and easy processes to create a whole brain state, Psych-K enables you to access elevated levels of consciousness and reprogram limiting subconscious beliefs.

Can people do PSYCH-K on their own?

There are two different ways you can do psych-k. If you want to do it yourself, then you must have taken the Basic Workshop so you can learn the skills to do it. The other way to do Psych-h is with a facilitator who can provide a deeper search about what's causing your problems.

Where does PSYCH-K come from?

Psych-K comes from divinely inspired ideas and different healing modalities, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psycho-spiritual processes, Milton Erickson Style Hypnotherapy, Educational Kinesiology, Acupressure, and Reiki.

Where can I learn more about you?

On this website you will find various ways to get to know me more and the work I do and also to contact me. For example an effective way to get to know me better is by visiting my YouTube channel where I post videos regularly and talk about my personal life and the change I got with Psych-k.

Is the information shared during psychotherapy confidential?

If the information you share in our sessions does not compromise your personal well-being or that of the people around you, then it is confidential. Everything you share with me ends when our session ends too. No one has the right to snoop on your private life.

How many treatment sessions will you require?

It all depends on your desires and needs. I will talk to you and share my opinion in your particular case, however you are responsible for choosing what you want.

Some Opinions About My Work