Recognizing the signs: How the midlife crisis manifests itself in you


Midlife crisis is not a medical term, and it is not an official mental health diagnosis

Then, What it is?

 It is a term that refers to a period of life between the ages of 40 and 60 when people tend to experience a sense of dissatisfaction or restlessness.

Some Revies about my Work!

“This was my first healing experience with this program and everything I experienced in the Program was impressive, as well as all the cognitions and revelations that I received guided by the excellent intervention of Coach Bruce, it is extraordinary, and what I experienced at the body level and energy is impeccable. ”

“I no longer have that mental noise nor am I in “hunter” mode, on permanent alert. I have inner peace after looking for it so much. Before the session I wondered how I was going to heal and now I understand. I am delighted, thank you very much for everything, you helped me as you cannot imagine.”


“Hello Bruce, let me tell you that I have completed my 5-day commitment and fulfilled it, what you do and what is achieved with one session seems wonderful to me, I recommend that you try it and of course I am going to repeat it. Thank you for crossing my path.”


How the Program Works

Midlife Questionnaire

Before start you need to take a quick test that includes questions about aspects such as your areas of dissatisfaction, the challenges you are currently facing, and your personal and professional goals.

45 min Midlife Purpose Info free session

Explore your midlife purpose in a free introductory session.

2x 90 minute focal points and belief pattering

Focus on key areas and reshape your limiting beliefs.

6x 60 minute HighPerformance Coaching Sessions

Increase your performance and achieve ambitious goals in 6 coaching sessions.

4x 60 minute Belief integration sessions.

Integrate new beliefs and strengthen your mentality in 4 transformation sessions.


2 additional 60 minute Belief integration sessions (Bonus) within 2 months after session 12 + 8 High Performance Worksheets (Bonus)

Final Price $3,497 USD

Payment plan available


Most frequent questions and answers about the Program

Midlife coaching can be a helpful tool for individuals going through a midlife crisis. The process can help them gain clarity, set goals, and make changes in their life to improve their overall well-being. As a Midlife coach I’ll provide guidance, support, and motivation to individuals as they navigate this transitional period in their lives.

What is The midlife coaching Program?

If you find yourself questioning your purpose, feeling dissatisfaction with your current life, seeking significant change, or experiencing other common symptoms of a midlife crisis, this coaching program may be right for you. The free initial Midlife purpose info call can help you determine if the program is a good fit for your needs and goals.

How do I know if this coaching program is right for me?

This program uses a combination of High Performance Coaching, PSYCK-K®, self-assessment exercises, limiting belief work, goal setting, and high performance strategies to help participants overcome midlife crisis and find meaningful purpose in life.

The Midlife coaching program is designed for men and women who are going through a midlife crisis who are seeking support and guidance in finding their purpose, setting goals, and overcoming the challenges associated with this stage of life.

Upon completion of the coaching program, participants can expect to experience greater clarity about their purpose in life, set goals more aligned with their values, improve time management and productivity, and develop skills to overcome challenges associated with crisis. of middle age.

This coaching program offers a follow-up and support after completion to ensure that participants continue to apply what they have learned and continue to make progress on their goals. In this program I’m offering 2 more sessions within 2 months after the end of the program as a bonus.