Bruce Sanchez

About the Questionnaire

Are you facing a mid-life crisis and want to find clarity and direction in your life? I invite you to complete this high performance questionnaire, designed with two key objectives in mind:

Gather important details about your current situation: By answering the questions on the form, you help me better understand your personal challenges, concerns, and goals. This information is essential to tailor the approach of the coaching program to your specific needs.

Establish a more accurate prognosis about the suitability of the program for you: Based on your answers, I will be able to assess if the coaching program is the right solution to address your concerns and accompany you in the process of overcoming the midlife crisis.

Upon completion of the questionnaire, you will have the opportunity to schedule a free call in which we will discuss your responses and explore how the coaching program can help you find renewed purpose and achieve your goals.