Bruce Sanchez

“I assist human beings process  and release STRESS so they can find PEACE at home and at work”

My personal story of addictions, struggle, stress, and transformation.

Our past does not represent our present, nor our future. It only represenst the lessons we learn.

Bruce Sanchez personal testimonial and his first Transformation in life

ADDICTIONS 1995/2002

That was me, on the top left corner, with my hair covering my face and posing for the cover of my metal band "Vertigo Surround" (1998). Music was my way of escaping from my drug abuse, but it wasn't enough to stop my addiction and I ended up experiencing an OD in the summer of 2002 that pushed me to my first Transformation in life.

On my way to find inner peace after recovering from my drug abuse

Post rehab and Krav Maga Mastery 2002/2014

After recovering from my drug abuse, I reborn as a new and more empowered person and I had the chance to become whoever I wanted in life, despite of my limiting beliefs and perceptions that they still remained with myself. Life was different, was more "normal" but still, feeling that something was missing within myself. I couldn't find that total inner peace I needed, so I kept looking for it.

My journey before I found about PSYCH-K®

Corrections and Australia (2014/2022)

Melbourne, October 2017, I became a Correctional Officer and also a member of the CERT (Centre Emergency Response Team) coming from being Head Krav Maga Instructor at IDF (Israel Defese Force) Caulfield, Melbourne. Life was looking amazing, I was highly achieving my goals, I also taught myself English due to I didn't know how to speak English when I came back to Australia, and I couldn't afford any English academy, so I had only one way to learn... putting myself out and practicing with people until I was able to basically communicate with people, life is a beautiful journey...

Coach Bruce Sanchez experience with P.T.S.D.

P.T.S.D. &. Panic Attacks

Late December 2019, After Christmas Day , I was conducting prisoners count with a colleague , at 16:46 hours, when something happened. I started to feel unwell, my hands started to shake strongly, my heart was pounding faster than never in my life, even more than my addiction times, I was scared, I was with another colleague, and before all prisoners eyes. I didn't know what to do, I thought I was having a heart attack, I thought I was going to dye right there, at that very moment.
That picture was taken at he Sunshine Hospital in Melbourne in January 2020, after experiencing several panic attacks at home. On the 20th of February I was then diagnosed with P.T.S.D. That moment meant to me what I call, my second biggest transformation in life, the first one was when I overcame my addictions. Life was about to bring me an amazing opportunity to grow and to completely transform my life.

Bruce Sanchez personal development in life and becoming certified High Performance Coach

Certified High Performance Coach

I finally became a Coach, something I was dreaming of for years. After my addictions, I came fascinated for the human potential we all have within to overcome anything, EVERYTHING in life. So Personal Development played an important role in my life but not until I got Certified by Brendon Burchard in 2020. My dream came true, I found a way out of my panic attacks, life was becoming an experience each day. I was feeling different, refreshing, young, brave, strong.... and then...

Bruce Sanchez- Certified High Performance Coach

Melbourne Lockdowns, Bruce Lipton & PSYCH-K®

Melbourne became the world's most lockdown city and its restriction were getting much worse each lockdown. I wasn't experiencing nightmares at night anymore, but I felt each lockdown much harder to handle for myself, I was expecting a very different kind of stress, I wasn't panicking, but I was angry with that situation, angry watching the news and allowing that to affect myself, but, as always in my life, everything was happening for reason.
I remember watching an interview where an "old man" called Bruce Lipton was talking about how beliefs control life instead of genes, about Epigenetics, and how powerful we are all in order to create whatever we want in life. I couldn't belief what I was listening to, I then purchased his book "The Biology of Belief" and that's how PSYCH-K® found me.
I contacted an Australia PSYCH-K® Facilitator, had a very few sessions and the rest is History.
Today, I am living the most fulfilling and happiest life with my wife. Stress disorders are not longer part of my life, my relationship with MONEY (which always was my biggest stressor in my life, much worse than drugs) is next level, my wife and I are living under the Honeymoon effect pretty much 24/7 and, most importantly, I forgave myself for all the mistakes I have made, and accepting and learning all the lesson that mistakes gave me, accepting myself the way I am.
I found my peace and connected with my purpose.