Who do I work with?

Only with people who are ready for change, people who are serious in wanting to make things differently.  Workers, Professionals, Musicians, Entrepreneurs, and more who are experiencing stress from work, from MONEY (the biggest stressor in people’s lives), relationships. If you think you are ready to take courageous steps of possibility and potential, please consider which of the options below suit best for you.

The sessions are normally run online and it can be on Zoom, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp.


Any session or bundle need to be paid upfront, either from this website (when available) or after your discovery call if you are interested in wanting to work with Bruce. 

We are using Stripe as an online payment software and Calendly as an online  scheduling software.  

Sessions & Pricing

$200 USD

 one session of 90 minutes.


$500 USD 

(for very limited time) 4x 90 minute session. This is a special bundle of four sessions of 90 minutes each one. This is a very  popular option for many clients.

$1,250 USD

8x 90 minute sessions.  This is a very valuable bundle of eight sessions of 90 minutes each session.. 

You can book a 30 minute “Discovery call” (this one is on me) where we can discuss about how you can change any limiting belief and/ or perception that are stress you out right now. Click on the green bottom to schedule you session.