Who do I work with?

I work with  EXHAUSTED men and women, over 30 to OBLITERATE scarcity mindset once  and for ALL, in just  90 MINUTES.

I have been working, mainly, with Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Musicians, Actors, Actresses, Artists, ect.

This 90 minute “STRESS FREE MOENY” session  is normally run online  by Zoom, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp.

Session & Pricing


$100 USD (for limited time only)

A very special “STRESS FREE MONEY” session, 90 minutes, where we’ll identify a repetitive MONEY & Business pattern or habit that’ve been around for long time.


“Not being able to save money, to book clients, constant procrastination, money worries and money stress, etc… “


We’ll identify those mental obstacles, Transform them, and start creating a new future from a place of freedom, trust, and peace.


You can book your 30 minute “Discovery call” (this one is on me) where I’ll tell you exactly  how this 90 minutes Money process works and what to expect from the session.


The “STRESS FREE MONEY” session needs to be paid upfront, either from this website (when available) or after your  call if you are interested in wanting to work with Bruce. 

We are using Stripe as an online payment software and Calendly as an online  scheduling software.  

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